Young Adult Books

It seems like these days, young adult books are enjoyed by the young and old alike. This is true for Book Slide After School Book Club, too. It was hard for us to choose our favorites, but we did our best to narrow down our top 10 choices.

  1. Shadow and Bone: Leigh Bardugo’s fantasy is set in a cold world reminiscent of Russian folk tales. The nation of Ravka is threatened by the Shadow Fold, a darkness that contains hordes of flesh-eating monsters. Alina discovers she has a power that could save her world, one that whisks her away to the royal court to train with the talented Grisha. Court life is more dangerous than she could have imagined, but you’ll enjoy being swept into this world of intrigue, mystery, and romance with Alina.
  2. The Fault in Our Stars: Teen icon John Green tells his most moving story yet about a young couple fighting their respective cancer diagnoses. If you haven’t read this yet, you’ll want to join the legion of fans praising this book. Hazel and August are quirky, real, and so much more than their illnesses. This story of love, friendship, and mortality will make you laugh and cry.
  3. Divergent: The first in a series by Veronica Roth, this book is the latest dystopian adventure that’s won over legions of teens, including our club members. In a world where people live in factions according to their attributes, Tris finds that one faction alone can’t define her. Tris is divergent, and that’s a dangerous thing to be. After coming of age, Tris chooses to join the Dauntless faction, home of the courageous, but what will she do when her divergence is exposed? Fans of The Hunger Games are likely to love Divergent.
  4. My Heart and Other Black Holes: In Jasmine Warga’s novel, troubled teens Aysel and Roman meet online and form a suicide pact. As Aysel and Roman grow closer, Aysel discovers that she may have to live in order to save Roman’s life.
  5. Vassa in the Night: This quirky, modern fairytale by Sarah Porter is a retelling of the Russian baba yaga folk stories. Vassa doesn’t always get along with her stepsisters, so when they send her out to Babs Yagg’s convenience store on a dare, she goes to spite them. This is a store unlike any other that dances on two legs, guarded by a mysterious motorcylist with no face. Those who dare to shoplift find their heads on pikes outside. When Vassa crosses Babs Yagg, she has to form a dangerous pact in order to save her life.
  6. Anna and the French Kiss: Take a trip to Paris, France, with Stephanie Perkins’s novel. Anna travels to an American boarding school in Paris, where she experiences some culture shock and falls hard for English classmate Etienne St. Clair. Girls in our club loved the charming Etienne, and we all enjoyed wandering the streets of Paris through Anna’s eyes.
  7. The Sun is Also a Star: Nicola Yoon’s second book proves that the smallest encounters can have huge consequences. Natasha’s family are hours away from being deported back to Jamaica. Daniel is hours away from an Ivy League interview for a school he doesn’t really want to attend. When they meet, they find that their world can change in a day.
  8. Vivian Apple at the End of the World: In this dystopian novel of sorts, Katie Coyle presents a unique scenario. A sort of rapture has occurred: One morning, Vivian discovers that both of her parents are gone, leaving no trace but two holes in the ceiling above their beds. She’s far from alone. Religious fanaticism sweeps the country in light of this supposed rapture, while Vivian and her friends go on a road trip in search of the truth about the corrupt Church of America.
  9. The Hate U Give: Angie Thomas has made waves with her timely and powerful novel. Starr is torn between the vastly different worlds of her impoverished neighborhood and upscale suburban prep school. When Starr witnesses the murder of her best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer, the rift widens as she fights to speak the truth and fights for her own survival.
  10. Eleanor & Park: Rainbow Rowell has a knack for creating lively and funny characters that we’d like to call friends. Eleanor and Park are no different. The year is 1986, and these two star-crossed misfits fall in love on a school bus after bonding over X-Men comics and The Smiths. They know their love won’t last, but they’ll try anyway.