School Reading Resources

The Book Slide After School Book Club partners with parents, teachers, and librarians to encourage a love of reading in our student members. Book Slide’s first mission is fun, but we also place a high importance on education and the promotion of literacy. We present these school reading resources to help parents, teachers, and students make the most of their reading experiences. These resources include lesson plans, book recommendations, and other sites that promote learning and literacy. Whether you need a recommendation, a source for reading discussions, or advice on how to improve reading skills in a student, we hope that this list can be of assistance.

  • Sesame Street in Communities: The Sesame Street in Communities page devoted to writing and reading has lesson plans and videos for elementary students. Learn more about choosing a book, reading together, and so much more with the Sesame Street characters that children love.
  • PBS Learning Media: The PBS Learning Media Center has hundreds of lesson plans and videos in this section of reading skills learning materials.
  • First Book Marketplace: Kids spend a lot of time on phones and tablets … why not give them access to free e-books on these platforms? The Open eBooks app will allow kids, parents, and teachers to download up to 10 e-books at a time.
  • Target the Problem: If you have a child or student who’s struggling with reading, this tool can help you discover the specific source of the problem and practical suggestions to help build stronger readers.
  • Creating a Reader Friendly Home: This resource from Kids Health offers families tips on how to encourage readers in the home.
  • Jump Start: Jump Start hosts a collection of reading lesson plans for elementary-age students.
  • Book It: The Book It challenge offers this printable of questions to spark reading discussion. This could be used by parents, teachers, and book groups.
  • Creating a Book Club: You’ve explored Book Slide, and now you’d like to start a book club of your own? Check out Penguin’s suggestions on getting your club started.
  • National Book Day: Don’t forget to celebrate National Book Day! This page includes a downloadable pack to help you celebrate in style.
  • 100 Best Ever Teen Novels: NPR presents a list of their favorite novels for teens. If you need to choose a new young adult read and you lack inspiration, check out this list.
  • Teacher Vision: Teacher Vision includes more free lesson plans and plenty of discussion guides for specific books. These cover a variety of ages and can help you choose what to discuss at your next book club meeting.
  • Quiz-o-Matic: This is a fun resource for elementary children. Kids can try typing in a book they’ve read recently and this tool will generate a quiz on their reading.
  • The Ultimate Reading List: Teen Reads will make sure you you are never without a YA book recommendation. This list includes more than 480 titles.
  • Why 15 Minutes Matters: Find out why reading aloud to children for just 15 minutes a day is so important to their development.
  • Reading Aloud: This page will give you tips on how to make the most of reading aloud to children and includes ideas for hands-on activities to incorporate with reading.
  • Why Reading Aloud to Older Children Is Valuable: Reading books aloud is not just beneficial for toddlers. Learn more about the advantages of reading to children age 12 to 14.

There are many benefits to reading with children and teens. Reading has been proven to increase empathy, self-expression, creativity, and so much more. At Book Slide, we believe that by emphasizing the fun of reading, we can create lifetime readers and lifelong learners. While these resources can help point book clubs, teachers, and parents in the right direction, the best way to come up with new activities related to reading is to get creative and keep fun in mind.

We love suggestions! If you can think of something we missed that we absolutely must include on this list, please let us know. We are always open to new activities and suggestions. Books bring us together, and we look forward to hearing from you.