Events and Activities

The Book Slide After School Book Club hosts a weekly discussion about the books we’ve been reading. While we love these chances to chat about our favorite stories, we try to get creative with our activities, too. After all, reading is fun! Here are just a few of our regular events that get us excited about reading.

Book Buddies Mentorship

Our Book Buddies program pairs a high-school student with a middle-school student or a student from elementary school. Each buddy chooses a favorite book to share with the other. The mentor keeps track of their buddy’s reading goals and meets with them once a month to read aloud together and discuss their reading projects with the rest of the group. At the end of the year, we have a big pizza party for our Book Buddies.

Choose Your Own Adventure

This is a game created by Book Slide! We spend some time creating scenario cards consisting of characters, settings, and components of a story such as rising actions, falling actions, and climax. Game-makers build story paths with the cards while story captains decide which options they will choose as they follow the story path to wild, funny, scary, and even shocking conclusions! We play a few times a year. Everyone gets a chance to be a game-maker and a story captain.

Book Con Cosplay Day

Have you ever attended a comic book or science convention? One of the most fun aspects is checking out all of the costumes of people dressed up as their favorite characters! Book Slide hosts a Book Con with special presentations from local writers every year. The event is topped off with our cosplay contest. Dress up as your favorite book character and channel your inner hero, villain, or sidekick!

Book Slide Art Contest

At Book Slide, we love authors, but we certainly don’t want to overlook illustrators. Come to this event prepared to share your favorite illustrator and then use them as a role model! We’ll be creating art of our favorite characters and places using many different media, like paint, markers, pencils, and more. The top three artists (voted on by everyone attending) will receive bookstore gift certificates.

Book Sale and Charity Donation

Every book-lover knows the struggle of collecting more books than you could ever have room for without your own personal library. Sometimes, you have to clean out your stock of books, and that’s a great chance to share books with others. We host a book sale on the school lawn and give all proceeds to the local library.

Fictional Foods Fest

We have a potluck full of snacks featured in our favorite books every year. Have you ever wanted to try Butterbeer and pumpkin pasties from Harry Potter? How about sampling the Turkish delight in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe? Try them at all Book Slide’s Fictional Food Fest!