Slide Into a Great Story With the Book Slide After School Book Club!

The Book Slide After School Book Club was created to inspire a love of reading in middle- and high-school students. There are so many reasons why reading is a great pastime, especially for kids and teens. Passionate readers tend to be better students. Reading has been proven to increase vocabulary, improve critical thinking skills, improve memory, and enhance writing skills. Readers are more empathetic and creative, and some studies have even shown that they sleep better!

By teaching children that reading is fun, we can help them gain skills and develop healthy habits. On our site, you’ll find some of our favorite books that we want to recommend to others. Find out more about our favorite characters, places, and writers. You could discover your next favorite book! We believe that sharing the love of a story makes reading even more fun.

Do you have a favorite book? Let us know what you recommend! We love to discover new favorites. The omnivorous readers at Book Slide are open to reading any genre and any subject. Feel free to surprise us with something new, as long as it’s age-appropriate for middle- or high-schoolers.

Book Slide Staff

  • Karen Gilbert
  • Roger Albright
  • Melissa Coldwater
  • Anna Jones